Successful Redevelopment of Historic Spots Helps Past Meet Future

The Imperial redevelopment project is just one example where the storied tradition of a longtime community icon is being preserved for generations to come.

To the west, where the Pearl Brewing Company is to San Antonio what the Imperial Sugar Company is to Sugar Land, development is transforming the historic brewery into an iconic culinary and cultural gathering place where individuals can dine, live, work and play.  The project also includes an amphitheater for live music performances.

At the old National Biscuit Company (later known as Nabisco) factory in New York where Oreos, Mallomars and Saltine Crackers were produced, efforts have transformed the area into the popular Chelsea Market.   Besides fantastic shopping and dining spots, the 22-building complex is home to the Oxygen Network, Food Network, and other media and broadcasting companies.

As the community of Sugar Land looks ahead to the development of Imperial, these two examples demonstrate how a historic landmark can be transformed into a great place to live, work, shop and play.

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